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Body Connection & Food Freedom

With Samantha Flook
Live Online Webinar ~ 26th June at 7:30 pm

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June 26th At 7:30 Pm

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Within this masterclass Sammie will be taking you through a live coaching session, focusing on the foundational tools and strategies to help you to understand and effectively navigate the behaviours that lead us to experience disconnect with our bodies & restriction with food.
To experience differently, we need to learn to do differently, and this is what this masterclass is all about. When we understand the patterns that create our presenting experiences, we get clear on how to change them in our present. This masterclass aims to offer you the foundation to learn the skills to confidently navigate times of discomfort with a choice that leads you to respect yourself and your body, to access greater presence, connection & joy with how you choose to move and nourish without guilt taking over, and most importantly to create the confidence, to think, choose and decide what is best for yourself & your ever-changing individual needs, without the external world impacting your peace.
Creating a foundation that your future self will be thankful for. Bring your pen & paper!.
Within this masterclass Sammie will be covering 5 essential areas
❋ Understanding & navigating Emotional Eating; tools to access joy, content & presence with food.
❋ Learning to create personal health Boundaries; to feel confident in choosing what is right for you, whilst around the influence, actions & opinions of others.
❋ Breaking down “the not enough mindset”; working through comparison patterns, validation & breaking the judgement cycle.
❋ Mindful Emotional Regulation: to manage feelings & experiences of discomfort.
We look forward to seeing you there!

Live & Free ~ 26th June at 7:30 pm

Alex Farner

About Samantha
Samantha is a Strategic Psychotherapist, Coach, Mindfulness Practitioner And Clinical Hypnotherapist. I founded The Core Health nearly 10 years ago to share whole-food recipes and advice on body image and food relationships. It has since evolved into a business offering one-on-one consultations, programs, retreats, and workshops, all aimed at fostering supportive habits and positive life changes. My sessions combine mindfulness, strategic psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and coaching to help you understand your emotions and patterns. This approach empowers you to manage discomfort and uncertainty with confidence. Having faced my own challenges with body image, food, and mental health as a teen, I understand the impact of practical therapy. I focus on realistic, tailored strategies that use your experiences to overcome obstacles and break unhelpful patterns.

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