Develop Your Daily Ritual

Seek out support for your emotional, physical, mental and energetic bodies at any given moment in time. Honour yourself as a cyclical being and move or sit in a way that sparks resilience, space and grounding. Developing a daily practice asks that you check back in with what you need each new day and follow that.

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When was the last time you fell in love, they queried?

This morning on my mat, she replied.

The moment her belly button kissed the earth in cobra, and she felt her ribs greet her thighs in Uttanasana.

excerpt from "S M I T T E N" by Alice Browning

Welcome To THE FOLD

Real Yoga For Real Bodies

Your body doesn't need to change. We will adapt and modify the practise so it can serve how you show up today.

An Evolved Teaching

Classes led with Knowledge, Understanding and Authenticity

Benefits Beyond The Physical

Mental fortitude, a compassionate heart, strength, presence, emotional intelligence.

Devoted To You

Develop a daily ritual and witness it transform into a lifelong practise.

You Have Too Many Vibrant Shades And Blank Pages To Colour Between The Lines.

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    If you’ve never practised before, we recommend the “Invitation to Embody” 3-part series as a good start. All of our beginner Friendly classes encourage you to take your time and offer modifications so that you can work safely through the sequencing, uncovering a steady breath and an embodiment of the practice. Yin and Restorative classes are here to support you physically, energetically and emotionally. Aided by long, passive holds to stress the tissue and increase the range of motion, let the practices plentiful with pranayama calm your nervous system and ground you. If you already have an experienced practice and want to explore dynamic movement, get lost in the array of vinyasa on offer for creative and fun sequencing.
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