Jo Lincolne

Jo Lincolne

Take back control of your health & heal. Learn to understand what your body is telling you.

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Endometriosis Wellness Coach

As a woman with endo herself, Jo set out to heal herself naturally when she was diagnosed, as there were not many answers that doctors were able to give her or effective medical treatments. This has led her to right where she is today – helping women holistically find relief, hope, vitality and the power to control their health again.

Jo Lincolne is a certified holistic wellness coach for endometriosis and has been practicing for over 10 years. As an Endometriosis Wellness Specialist and educator, Jo provides natural endometriosis support and education to help women heal and manage their endo-symptoms.

You can connect with Jo on FB and IG @jolincolnewellness as she shares current research, natural therapies, tips and practices for living and healing with endometriosis. You can also find her on her website which is a hub of endo-info, and she’s recently been interviewed in a 2-part series on the podcast ‘In Her Flow’


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Based online and in the Northern Beaches, Sydney. Available Australia & World-wide.

B.A., B.Teach., Dip. Holistic Wellness Coach

Education By Jo

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Endometriosis - The Women's Silent Epidemic

This sounds like a disease from a bygone, unenlightened era, or another planet, but it is the world of a woman with endometriosis. Even the name is hard to spell and pronounce and therefore there is hesitation to utter it.