Sally Jane Douglas

Sally Jane Douglas

feel deeply • live fearlessly • love wholeheartedly

Meet Sally

Women's Empowerment Mentor

Sally Jane Douglas is a passionate women's life mastery mentor supporting women to feel deeply, live fearlessly, and love wholeheartedly.

With 17 years of experience in women's empowerment and development, Sally is devoted to supporting women to overcome self-doubt and self-abandonment so they can beam with confidence and trust themselves and their decisions impeccably. Her sweet-spot is guiding women to attune with themselves and intuition to embody self-belief and emotional resilience.

Through private mentoring and Uniquely YOU Academy, Sally compassionately guides women to connect with and live aligned to their authentic truth.


Work With Sally

Supporting you to connect with yourself and trust your intuition to discover the answers you seek.

— 1:1 Private sessions
— Intimate group classes
— Online Masterclasses

Offerings From Sally

  • Sally Jane Douglas
  • 90min

The Art of Receiving ~ Masterclass

Receiving is one of the biggest daily challenges women face in the modern world. We are expected to do it all and basically to smile while holding everything and everyone together. Who is holding you, beautiful? We will dive into: In this Masterclass, you will learn the energetic, somatic and practical approach of HOW to receive and HOW to ask…