Sarina Coventry

Sarina Coventry

Unlock the power of working WITH your body rather than AGAINST it.

Meet Sarina

NUTRITIONIST (BHSc) • EFT Tapping Practitioner

Sarina Coventry is a degree qualified nutritionist (BHSc) and EFT Tapping Practitioner. She takes a holistic approach that seeks to educate and empower women toward working WITH their bodies rather than against them.

Through 1:1 online sessions, she teaches women how to have happy hormones, support their nervous system and process negative beliefs related to food, themselves and their body.


Work With Me

As a woman’s health practitioner I find myself guiding my clients most, in the areas of cycle syncing across the month, natural fertility and contraception methods ( FABM) Menstrual Problems & Irregularities inc. Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (HA), PCOS, PMS are also my fields of passion, supporting women to uncover the root of their suffering.

Using EFT tapping to aid in establishing healthy food relationships includes exploring food cravings and addictions, binging stress, anxiety, overwhelm & trauma body confidence + improve relationship to self helping to release negative thoughts and emotions while creating emotional health & nervous system regulation.

Teachings By Sarina

  • Sarina Coventry
  • 60min

Cyclical Living Masterclass

During this masterclass, we will explore how to live in alignment with your menstrual cycle to support healthy hormones. You will learn how to shift your eating, movement and lifestyle in accordance with the phases of your cycle so that you can learn to work WITH your body rather than against it.

  • Sarina Coventry

Don't Hate The Player, Change The Game

Dear woman, For so long, you were conditioned to note your faults, your downfalls and your blemishes. You were conditioned to find ways to fix it or to fit in rather than express your true self. You were conditioned to judge, squeeze, pop, pinch, suck in, tuck in and critique every part of you down to the health of your…