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Mastering Your Hormones After 35

With Christiana Velis
Live Online Webinar ~ 1st May at 7:30 pm

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May 1st at 7:30 pm

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Christiana will be taking us through an informative and transformative webinar about Nutrition for Mastering your Hormones after 35.
In her webinar she will cover:
The critical elements of your cycle and the hormonal shifts that happen after 35 years old;
Help understand the shift in hormones through your 30s and 40s;
Why gut and liver health are essential for hormonal balancing, energy conservation and maintaining a healthy weight;
Top 7 nutrients to support hormonal balancing after 35 and foods to include in your diet;
Foods to support better sleep and stress reduction; 
Lifestyle shifts to help harness your hormones.
She’ll decode your body’s symptoms, such as increased irritability, fatigue, hot flashes and insomnia, providing practical solutions to restore your energy and vitality.
Join Christiana Velis and Master your Hormones after 35!

About Christina
Christiana Velis is a trusted clinical nutritionist based in the heart of Sydney, specialising in digestive health, women’s wellness, and hormones health. Christiana combines scientific knowledge with a compassionate, client-centred approach, offering a path to wellbeing that respects your pace and personal needs.

Christiana aims to make her clients feel heard, understood, and empowered to make the choices that align best with their wellbeing.

Before Christiana became a nutritionist she was a corporate lawyer. She is also a trained yoga teacher and a mum of two young kiddies.

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