Samantha Flook

Samantha Flook

Teaching you to regulate your emotions, turn self doubt into self confidence & create behaviours that serve you.

Meet Sammie

Strategic Psychotherapist, Coach, Mindfulness Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist.

My sessions focus on a practical approach to therapy. Helping you understand yourself and address issues by identifying and altering patterns in your behaviour, through strategic tools & techniques. I focus on teaching you “how” to manage experiences rather than avoiding them, guiding you to move from your current state to your desired state. This includes learning “how to”:

- Express your needs and feelings
- Turn avoidance into action
- Reconnect with your body and make beneficial decisions for your health & wellbeing
- Build boundaries in relationships

Using mindfulness, strategic psychotherapy, clinical hypnotherapy, and cognitive coaching tools, I aim to empower you to make and sustain positive changes, fostering self-confidence, independence, and effectiveness in all areas of your life.


Work With Me

I currently have 3 offerings available for you to work with me, both online and in person.

— Free Discovery Call
— 1:1 Adult Strategic Mindset Coaching Sessions
— Teen Mindset & Emotional Well-being Sessions

Offerings From Samantha

  • Sammie Flook

Body Connection & Food Freedom Masterclass

Within this masterclass Sammie will be taking you through a live coaching session, focusing on the foundational tools and strategies to help you to understand and effectively navigate the behaviours that lead us to experience disconnect with our bodies & restriction with food.