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The Seasons of Your Cycle

Fall Willingly Into Your Fluctuations
We have been searching outside ourselves for too long, inviting fear to overshadow our wisdom and interrupting our body’s natural functions rather than supporting them. We have four cycles, each with differing energies and qualities that when harnessed can show us how to tap into our creativity, honour our introspection, cherish our social time and step into our decision making.

A time of introspection and reflection, ask yourself the big questions, checking in after the month that was, ask ‘Do you still feel satisfied with who you are surrounding yourself with, and how you are spending your time?
Energies and moods organically ebb (fade away)
Refusing to listen to this decline, can be our biggest mistake and a big cause of crippling PMS, spikes in anxious states and depressive lulls.
Slow down and welcome the withdrawal, rather than pushing through, let yourself lull in the body’s innate wisdom.

Inner Winter Surrender Yourself Day 1-6 First day of bleed.

We begin to gently shed the self consciousness that builds as we enter the cave.
An increase in organic motivation, energy and the sweet possibility of beginning to say YES, even to little things.
Taking our cue from nature, creativity blossoms and we tenderly start to try new things again, our ability to problem solve ripens and it becomes the perfect season to launch inspiring projects that may have been stirring for a little while.
Ask yourself ‘What seeds am I planting, what qualities am I seeing that I am enjoying and would like to continue nourishing?’

Inner Spring Cherish Yourself Day 7-13 This season is one of transition, from the deep interiority of Inner Winter toward the full bloom of Inner Summer.

The verbal and social centres of our brains are stimulated by a rise in estrogen, use this phase to communicate, connect with your community and use your voice and natural magnetism you are exuding to talk about what you want, becoming more expressive, and also asking for what you want, healthy boundary setting anyone?
We step into celebration mode with ease, socialising is most inviting.
Our Libido peaks and with it we may feel increasingly fun and flirty, and able to ask and communicate what we want while feeding an air of confidence, think; ‘What would support me in feeling my most sensual now?’

Inner Summer Celebrate Yourself Day 14-21 We blossom not only into our own intrinsic nature, also into our peak power.

This is a time of completion, your brain chemistry is actually optimized for task and detail orientation making tying up loose ends easier so that you can then turn your attention to yourself and how you need to be held and supported.

If boundaries have not been set during earlier phases, you will require a firm boundary here and a penchant for the word ‘No’
Yes, our coordination, energy, concentration and hormones can feel like they are plummeting…
However, that gives rise to an energy surge for the pursuit of creative endeavours and a love affair with asserting ourselves, (Can you ask for the space that you need?) to protect from the emerging irritability and fatigue.

Inner Autumn Hold Yourself Day 22-29 To carve out the time to wind down is not only a courageous act of self love, but will also minimise the havoc that ignoring this season can wreak on our lives.

Believe it or not, I welcome my Bleed now, not the pain ( co-operating with a Naturopath and tweaks in diet to aid) but, the down time.
Giving myself permission to surrender to THE SLOW to simmer in my Winter.

Why? Now I acknowledge my Infradian rhythm, that I run on a 28-35 day cycle, complete with its peaks and troughs comparable to the female form and I make sure that I cherish and hold myself through the perceived negative and positive qualities of each.
Taking our cue from Nature we all bloom and wither in our own time, we cannot be hurried, we can only be patient, falling into line with our Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn.


Now? Well it's a work in progress The main events are not Ovulation and Menstruation anymore, all my seasons are equally as important. I feel my way tenderly through all four phases, implementing shifts in my diet, exercise, social and energetic patterns so that I uncover and maintain balance.

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