Hannah Crerar

Hannah Crerar

Self-awareness is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves as our Soul’s evolve.

Meet Hannah

Human Design • Soul Psychology

Hannah is passionate about the body-mind-soul connection. She offers a modern approach to self discovery and loves to share the convergence between spirituality and science.

She has a background in Law and Commerce, with 4 years experience in the corporate world. Her interest in holistic wellness inspired her to leave her corporate role in 2016, to volunteer at an Australian health retreat and later pursue Psychology studies in her home country, New Zealand. Hannah’s yoga practice plays a significant role in her life’s journey. She first stepped on a yoga mat at age 16 and credits the teachings to fast tracking her own self-growth and self-compassion. At age 23 she became a registered Yoga teacher and has completed multiple teacher-trainings worldwide.

Hannah’s innate curiosity and intuition-led lifestyle means she is continually immersing herself in all things body-mind-soul. Her strong spiritual practice is complemented by a solid understanding of the science behind why it all works. Self-love begins with self-awareness and Hannah is on a mission to bring a greater sense of awareness to as many people as possible. Her offerings focus on the deeper layers of self, combining modern understandings of the human psyche alongside knowledge of ancient wisdom traditions. Her work empowers and liberates people with self-awareness tools to create a life in alignment with their authentic self.


Work With Me

Hannah offers a unique and holistic approach to self-healing and self-development. Her extensive studies and personal explorations into spirituality and psychology provide the foundation for her Astrology, Human Design, and Soul Psychology Readings.

Every session is designed to increase your overall sense of self-worth and well-being. You can expect to receive many “ah-ha” moments, along with insights and advice that respect who you are at a Soul level.

Education By Hannah

  • Hannah Crerar
  • 90min

Manifesting With The Moon Masterclass

The Moon offers us a routine reminder that life operates in cycles. Just as day turns to night and the ocean ebbs and flows, the moon shifts from total illumination into complete darkness once a month. There are natural rhythms that exist within us and we can use the phases of the moon to guide our own manifestation process. This…

  • Hannah Crerar

The 5 Human Design Archetypes

Have you ever walked into a room and felt certain vibes? Maybe you have felt a tension in the air or perhaps you have been inexplicably drawn toward someone. There is always an energetic exchange going on in life. Human Design provides a snapshot of your Soul's unique energy so that you can understand the specific vibes you bring to…