Pascale Falempin Arcadi

Your body is the only place you have to live in

Meet Pascale

Pilates Instructor • Specialized In Women's Health

I am a certified Pilates instructor with hours of specialised training and 10 years of teaching in various settings.

Movement of some sort has always been present in my life. From intense, tireless movement during the years I trained as a dancer, to very basic movement in the years that followed my quitting ballet to switch paths completely and start studying/working. Yet movement was a constant, and it's always guided me both physically and mentally. ​

I have worked in studio as well as corporate settings, with groups and on a one to one basis. Training with me means you'll be seen, challenged, heard and accompanied every step of the way as creating a connection with you is what passionates me the most.


Work With Me

I will create a safe yet dynamic environment to guide you through intelligent movement, increasing your body awareness and enabling mindful connections through your breath. You will get strong or regain your strength, perfect your sense of alignment and posture, and feel more at one with your body.

Offerings From Pascale